CHRYSO®Green Etch

CHRYSO®Green Etch is a new generation concrete etching agent that contains no acid and that allows the safer use for users, equipment and environment. CHRYSO®Green Etch is a non corrosive synthetic etching agent that dissolves nearly 15% more concrete than hydrochloric acid.
  • Non corrosive synthetic etching agent.
  • Can be used without damage on all surfaces where cement and concrete can be found: paints, chrome, wiring, plastic, aluminium and even glass. CHRYSO®Green Etch can be used to obtain a a light surface etch equivalent to traditional acid etch agents or sand blast finish.
Domains of application
  • Light surface etch to recently cast concrete
  • Elimination of surface laitance on concrete, bricks and non limestone materials
  • Elimination of cement stains
  • Cleaning of exposed aggregate concrete
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