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United Kingdom
Underground construction

Crossrail project is a 118-kilometre railway line in England, running through parts of London and some home counties.

For this project, CHRYSO UK supplies CHRYSO®Optima 100 admixture .
This superplasticiser is used to cast the sections of floating track slab (FTS).
The FTS was cast and then jacked up to be supported on rubber bearings and heavy duty springs. Heavyweight concrete (HWC) was used in the FTS to reduce noise and vibration under the Barbican Concert Hall.
In total, approximately 3.3km of the FTS was cast although the biggest issue was getting the concrete into the tunnels as distances were up to 1,000 metres.
Over 20,000m3 of concrete was used in the standard track slab.

For Crossrail, Europe’s largest infrastructure project, a 465 metre long train which is a self-contained concrete batching plant on wheels was used.

CHRYSO®Optima 100 is a major success when pumping Heavyweight concrete into London’s £15 Billion Crossrail Project.

Project participants :

Project owner: Transport for London (TfL)
Project participants: ATC joint venture (Alstom, TSO & Costain)
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