Decorative Concrete Solutions


Innovation is our chemistry

Global specialist in the chemistry of building materials, CHRYSO has been helping construction professionals to formulate, manufacture and place concrete for more than 75 years.
Research & Development is at the heart of the group's activities while innovation is allowing it to lead the way in the field of decorative concrete.
CHRYSO offers a comprehensive range of decorative solutions for new projects or renovations, for residential, tertiary or urban developments.
Specialised applicators trained by Beton Academy** advise and support both professionals and the public when it comes to their projects.

Fashionable and versatile, concrete creates unique mineral atmospheres. Used primarily for its mechanical properties, it is also a material of choice for its aesthetic qualities.
This brochure presents a range of solutions developed by CHRYSO in order to showcase the decorative potential of concrete.


** Beton Academy is the first French training centre for application techniques in the field of decorative concretes.

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