CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color

CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color is a ready to use tinted hardening stain (non film forming) for the strengthening, the waterproofing and the rejunentation of old concrete. CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color penetrates deep into the concrete forming a chemical reaction that locks the pores from within
  • Reacts with the free lime and forms an insoluble silicate minteral inot the capillaries. Thanks to this reaction, CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color waterproofs the surface and renders it highly resistant to chemical attacks, (de-icing salts, cleaning products, high water pressure cleaning etc. ) CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color increases surface hardness, stops the dusting phenomena and neutralises the alkali process of concrete, thus the efflorescence. CHRYSO®RenoCrete Color is perfect for rejuvenating older concrete that may have lost some of its original colour.
Domains of application
  • Slabs
  • Urban slabs
  • On-site decorative concrete
  • Swimming pools kerbs
  • Paving blocks
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