CHRYSO®Cure WA is a ready to use water based curing agent for application to fresh concrete, cement based coatings and to recently demoulded concrete. 

CHRYSO®Cure WA prevents fresh mortar and concrete from drying out too quickly, enabling a more complete hydration of the cement and prevents cracking at early stages.

CHRYSO®Cure WA has an excellent bonding characteristics allow for subsequent application of most adhesives without need for prior removal.


Concrete treated with CHRYSO®Cure WA will benefit from improved resistance to abraison and enhanced surface hardness without any texture or colour change. 

Domains of application

Protection of concretes with a high surface/volume ratio: concrete slabs, paths, roadways and floors.

Protection of concrete and mortar subject to adverse drying effects at early age (high ambient temperature, wind).

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10 litre drum
20 litre drum
215 litre drum