There are 2 CHRYSO®Lumin P+ references.:

CHRSYO®Lumin P+ Jade >> night colour emitted; Green
CHRYSO®Lumin P+ Agate >> night colour emitted; Blue Turquoise

Three day colours imiates perfectly natural aggregates and will reveal your concrete's brilliance at night*.

  • LuminTech® technology is percieved in very low light conditions and preferably in the absence of any light.

CHRYSO®Lumin P+ are to be spread manually on fresh casted concrete (200g/sqm to 450g/sqm are advised).
The particles must be incorporated in concrete surface by troweling.
A compatible surface retarder must be applied on matt concrete (no more bleeding): CHRYSO®Deco Lav P03 with 4/8mm particles or CHRYSO®Deco Lav P 04 with 6/10 mm particles.
Reveals the aggregates, together with CHRYSO®Lumin P particles by washing off the surface retarder.
Always conduct a pre-test before use.

Market Specification Market Specification Market Specification

CHRYSO®P+ particles beautifies floors with a luminescent glow in the dark, creating a pleasant environment and better visibility in the dark or dim light.
It takes into account the users visual comfort and signage needs.

Domains of application

Surface-retarded and polished concrete
Garden paths and walkways
Swimming Pool surrounds
Pavements, cycle paths and unlit roundabouts

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