CHRYSO®Equalis 250

CHRYSO®Equalis 250 is a rheology extender, based on a new technology developed by CHRYSO's research centre.

CHRYSO®Equalis 250 should be used in combination with a (high range) water reducer of the range of CHRYSO®Plast Omega, CHRYSO®Optima or CHRYSO®Premia range.

CHRYSO®Equalis 250 improves significantly the workability retentions, with very limited effect on the setting time and hardening of the concrete.


CHRYSO®Equalis 250 is the perfect solution in case of remote jobsite or heavy traffic, as well as temperature changes
CHRYSO®Equalis 250 makes it possible to avoid retempering at the delivery point
CHRYSO®Equalis 250 is particularly suited for cements for which workability retention is difficult to get and/or at high temperature

Domains of application

All cement types
Hot weather concreting
Slump flow superior to 100mm
Extended workability retention
Readymix concrete
Civil Engineering

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1,000 litre IBC
215 litre Drum
20 litre drum