CHRYSO®Optima 1337


Thanks to a specifically designed molecular structure CHRYSO®Optima 1337 facilitates the production of low viscosity concrete with long workability retention. These characteristics make CHRYSO®Optima 1337 particularly suited for pumping concrete over long distances. CHRYSO®Optima 1337 can provide concretes at all levels of consistency with long workability retention and still achieve a water/cement ratio reduction. CHRYSO®Optima 1337 is a plasticiser which is very much suited for use on construction sites and in the ready mix concrete industry

Market Specification Market Specification

Increased consistence retention for transport
Excellent homogenity for pumping
Low viscosity rheology
Improved compaction
Increased concrete strengths
Cement optimisation without strength loss
Robustness and tolerance to water addition

Domains of application
  • All types of cement
  • Hot weather concreting
  • Pumped concrete
  • Extended workability retention
  • Concrete for highly reinforced structures
  • High performance concrete
  • Very high performance concrete
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1,000 litre IBC
215 litre drum