Delayed demoulding

CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 10 - DES
Is a ready to use delayed mould release agent. It is aqueous emulsion the surface tensile strength of which makes it possible to obtain perfectly wettability on all formwork...
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CHRYSO®Dem Aqua 80 - DES
Is made up of paraffin waxes that allow easy placing of concrete during vibration. The entrapped air escapes easily and has a favourable influence on the appearance of the...
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Is a ready to use delayed mould release agent which does not contain any solvent. Forms a non adhering film on the surface of the formwork that withstands very high temperatures
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CHRYSO®Dem Ekla 20 - DEV
Is a delayed mould release agent ready to use, formulated as an emulsion from vegetable based components. CHRYSO®Dem Ekla 20 is risk free for both the user and the...
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CHRYSO®Dem Elio 2 - DSY
Is a ready to use delayed mould release agent formulated on the basis of vegetable raw materials which is risk free for the environment.
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CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 258
Market Specification
CHRYSO®Dem Xtra 258 is a delayed ready-to-use mould release agent. Sprayed onto the surface of a metallic mould, it ensures easy mould release on all concrete after the...
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