Chromium vi reducers

CHRYSO®Reductis is a range of liquid patented products, which offers a significant and durable reduction of Hexavalent Chromium, even at low dosages.

Reduce the Chromium VI content in cement, on a long-term basis, to meet the European Directive 2003/53/CE requirements (CrVI content below 2ppm).

Technical advantages
Ease of use and dosing
CHRYSO®Reductis is a ready-to-use range, which can be dosed directly into the mill or onto the mill-feed belt.
Standard pumping equipment can be used for dosing, therefore no additional investment is required.

No discolouring or staining concrete.
CHRYSO®Reductis range specific formulation ensures no colour modification of concrete (neither discolouring nor staining).

No changes of concrete mechanical strength, setting times, water demand on air entrainment.
The chemical formulations of the CHRYSO®Reductis range do not modify cement performances such as initial and final strengths and setting times.

High efficiency, even at low dosage rates
CHRYSO®Reductis enables efficient reduction of Chromium VI, even at low dosage rates. For example, cement treated with maximum 50 ppm of CHRYSO®Reductis 50 per ppm of CrVI, keeps Cr VI rate below 2 ppm during a minimum of 6 months.

Temperature resistance
The formulation of CHRYSO®Reductis range is stable, consistent, and is not senstive to temperature fluctuations.
Even at low temperature (-20°C), the product does not separate.

Back-up solution compared to powder products
The fluidity and stability of the CHRYSO®Reductis range prevents any blockage in the process.
Moveover, storage period shelf-life is 12 months in its original packaging.
CHRYSO®Reductis 50 dosage is 60 times less than Iron Sulfate.

Economical advantages
Savings on installation equipment
The methods of incorporation of CHRYSO®Reductis are standard. Therefore, there is no need to invest in any special material or installation to use this product range, making it an economical solution.

Savings on maintenance costs
The fluidity and stability of CHRYSO®Reductis range prevents any blockage in the process. Therefore, maintenance costs due to blockages are suppressed.

No loss in cement productivity
CHRYSO®Reductis is a range of liquid products which prevents cement plant production from blockages which occur when using powder Cr VI reducer.
Cement plants can pursue production with this ready, easy-to-use and reliable back up solution.

CHRYSO® Reductis 50
Represents a new generation of Hexavalent Chromium reducing agents for cement. Being introduced into grinding it can guarantee for more than 3 months a reduction of Hexavalent...
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