Air entrainers

The CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents range is specifically designed to entrain air in masonry cement.

Technical Advantages:

Entrain and optimise air in mortars (up to 20%)
CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents range easily achieves air requirements for various masonry products. It improves flowability, the consistency of air content and dispersion of the air voids.

Increase water retention for mortars: improve adherence on all surfaces.
CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents improve water retention for mortars. Consequence is a better adherence to any surface.

Improve masonry cement waterproofing properties
To meet ASTM standards, CHRYSO adds waterproofing properties to its Air Entraining Agents.

Increase freeze - thaw resistance and crack prevention
Thanks to the air entrained in cement when using CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents, the air voids act as expansion chambers which improve the frost resistance of mortar and therefore prevent cracking.

Improved grinding capacity
CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents can be custom formulated to include grinding aids performance.

Improve powder transport
CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents also reduce the electro-static effect of cement particles. The cement produced is more fluid which prevents blockages and improves cement handling.

Improve setting times and 28-day strength
To meet our customer techincal needs, CHRYSO®Air Entraining Agents can be specifically formulated to improve setting times and 28-day strengths.

Air-entraining grinding-aid specifically formulated for masonry type cement grinding. (CHRYSO®Additis range)
Product details
Is a grinding aid specifically formulated to entrain air into masonry type cements and improved the waterproofing characteristics
Product details