Early & Late Age Activators

CHRYSO offers a full range of Activators, designed to improve cement strengths. They aim at either increasing strengths at equal cement composition and same cement fineness, or reducing clinker/cement ratio. Moreover, CHRYSO® Activiators also deliver grinding properties which can be adapted to our Customers's specific technical needs.
CHRYSO® Activators are available in both chloride and chloride-free versions.

Increase cement strengths (early and final strengths), at equal cement composition, to meet all applicable standards: ASTM C465, EN 197-1 and other local standards.
Decrease clinker factor (percentage of clinker in cement), while increasing SCM (supplementary cementitious materials): slag (S), fly ash (V/W), limestone (L/LL) and pozzolans (P/Q), in order to decrease cement production costs and CO? emissions.

Technical advantages
Increase ofearly and/or long-term compressive strengths at equal cement composition and same cement fineness. CHRYSO® Activators major property is to activate early strengths (1 and 2 days), final strengths (7 and 28 days) or both.
Therefore, they can be used:
when clinker reactivity is low and strengths are not complying with the standards specification,
when the objective is to reach a higher cement strength class,
when the objectives is to reach higher performance.

Clinker factor reduction
CHRYSO® Activators are designed to meet multiple technical requirements;
Increased mineral additions such as fly ash, pozzolans, GGBS (Ground granulated blastfurnace slag) or limestone, whilst complying with the cement standards, in order to decrease production costs and CO? emissions, or increased strengths at equal cement composition.

All these technical benefits are also available in chloride-free version.

Reduction of cement agglomeration elminates the coating on grinding media and the reagglomeration of cement particles after grinding.
CHRYSO® Activators modify the surface charges' density on the cement particles, therefore offsetting the Van Der Waals forces. As a consequence, the cement particles reagglomeration is significantly decreased after grinding and the coating effect on the media is elminated.

Improvement of the separator efficiency
As reagglomeration of the grinded particles is elminated, the separator return is significantly reduced.

Improvement of particle size distribution
As the coating of grinding media is eliminated, grinding of each range of particle sizes is improved.

Improvement in pack set and cement handling (silos, bulk tankers)
On account of the reduction of the electro-static effect of cement particles, cement fluidity is increased.

Economical advantages
Savings on Clinker
The cost of SCM is lower than the cost of clinker.
By substituting SCM to clinker, the total cost of cement is reduced while boasting performance thanks to the use of CHRYSO® Activiators.

Reduction of CO? emissions is caused by the calcination of limestone (CaCO?) during the clinker manufacturing process.
As each ton of cement produced requires less clinker, CO? emissions are decreased. Therefore CO? quotas can be respected, CO? taxes reduced or C/K ratio company target achieved.

Significant reduction of the production costs
Energy savings. CHRYSO®Activators improve clinker grinding efficiency. This allows for a shortened cement retention time in the mill which, in the end, leads to significant energy savings per ton of cement. CHRYSO®Activiators allow for up to 20% Energy consumption (KWh/ton)
Reduction of maintenance costs. Shortened cement retention time in the mill leads to a less intensive use of the grinding system, therefore reducing mill maintenance cost per ton of cement. Moreover, the reduction of the mill media coating and the improvement of pack set prevent the mill stoppage due to blockage (diaphragm and outlet grit cleaning, silo blockage ...).

Increase of productivitiy
Increase of mill productivity (from 10% to 25%). CHRYSO®Activators impact on improving grinding mill efficiency, productivity can be increased up to +25%, without any additional energy consumption.

Fast truck loading and packing. Pack-set improvement positively reduces interruptions due to blockage. Truck loading speed and packing are therefore improved thanks to better cement fluidity.

Is a grinding aid activator that is specifically formulated to increase late strengths of cement and is also formulated to improve limestone content in cement with constant...
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Is a grinding aid activator that is specifically formulated to increase late strengths of cement and is also formulated to improve the limestone content in cement with constant...
Product details
Is a chloride free admixture specifically formulated to increase the early age mechanical strengths of cement. It also contains grinding aids to increase the cement production....
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