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United Kingdom
Exceptional structure

One Blackfriars, in the centre of London, also known as “The Vase”, required 9 metre high fair faced structural concrete columns of 95N/mm2 to support the 50 storey tower.
One Blackfriars, rising to 170 metres high, will be one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe when it completes in the summer of 2018. As well as 274 luxury apartments, the development includes a hotel, spa facilities, retail units and a new public plaza.
Berkeley Group subsidiary St George’s asymmetrical tower, which looks out over the Thames in central London, is now in fit-out stage. Finished in a double-envelope facade of transparent glass and cladding, it has 57,000 tonnes of concrete in its structure.
Tarmac London supplied the ready mixed concrete from both its Kings Cross and Silvertown plants. The project broke ground in late 2013 with the excavation of an 18m-deep basement. The raft slab had to be constructed to carry the weight of the concrete superstructure, distributing the weight across 36 large-diameter bearing piles.
A Tarmac Topflow concrete mix including CHRYSO®Optima 100 & CHRYSO®Optima 206 was selected for the Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) mixes to the sub-structure works.
The next major task was to create 15 No x 9 metre tall ground level structural columns, which had to reach strengths of 95N/mm2 to support the 50 storeys above ground. The concrete colour and surface finish was also of great importance to the designer and client thus making the solution extremely complex.
After trials that focused on strength, colour and finish, a Tarmac Topflow SCC mix using 10mm limestone together with CHRYSO®Optima 100 and CHRYSO®Optima 206 was designed and selected to address all design criteria together with the potential risk of thermal cracking and strength requirement to successfully support the weight of the massive structure above.
CHRYSO®Optima 100 and CHRYSO®Optima 206 were also used within other elements of the project including the RC Frame as well as CHRYSO®RMD being used in the core construction.

Project participants :

Berkeley Group subsidiary
Tarmac Trading Limited
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